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Brie and Edward’s Kent Manor Inn Wedding

Last Saturday was the perfect small wedding. Loved it! Four total folks in the bridal party including our bride and groom and 50 of their closest friends and family. Talk about low stress! Brie and Ed did it up right… they trusted completely in their photographer and end result was some phenomenal spontaneous images that they’ll have forever to remember their perfect wedding day at the Historic Kent Manor Inn in Stevensville, Maryland. Many thanks to CJ Curtis from Crowe Entertainment and Danielle. I was happy and sad at the same time on this wedding day as it will be the last time I get to work with Danielle at Kent Manor. I am so lucky to have been able to work with her over these last few years and will surely miss her. Danielle, I wish you the best in your future endeavors! Kent Manor Inn Events_001 Kent Manor Inn Events_002 Kent Manor Inn Events_003 Kent Manor Inn Events_004 Kent Manor Inn Events_005 Kent Manor Inn Events_006 Kent Manor Inn Events_007 Kent Manor Inn Events_008 Kent Manor Inn Events_009 Kent Manor Inn Events_010 Kent Manor Inn Events_011 Kent Manor Inn Events_012 Kent Manor Inn Events_013 Kent Manor Inn Events_014 Kent Manor Inn Events_015 Kent Manor Inn Events_016 Kent Manor Inn Events_017

Kent Manor Inn Wedding

Great couple to work with this last weekend at the Kent Manor Inn in Stevensville, Maryland. Love working with Danielle as usual and Chris Temple from C&J Entertainment. Weather held out for us to enjoy photos, ceremony, and cocktail outside. Toward the end of the evening, our groom Nathan surprised our lovely bride Susan with an awesome fireworks display. Got the perfect pic too!

Kent Manor Weddings_001 Kent Manor Weddings_002 Kent Manor Weddings_003 Kent Manor Weddings_004 Kent Manor Weddings_005 Kent Manor Weddings_006 Kent Manor Weddings_007 Kent Manor Weddings_008 Kent Manor Weddings_009 Kent Manor Weddings_010 Kent Manor Weddings_011 Kent Manor Weddings_012 Kent Manor Weddings_013 Kent Manor Weddings_014 Kent Manor Weddings_015

Bel Air Wedding

Glorious wedding in Bel Air, Maryland this weekend with Britney and Alex. Always nice to get away from our comfort zone of Annapolis. Very quaint Catholic Church and the reception at Top of the Bay on the Aberdeen Proving Ground Army Base.

Bel Air Maryland Wedding_001 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_002 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_003 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_004 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_005 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_006 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_007 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_008 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_009 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_010 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_011 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_012 Bel Air Maryland Wedding_013

Katie and Mike together forever!

I was honored to be at my lovely niece Katie and her true love Michael’s wedding in Annapolis yesterday. It was the sweetest little wedding ever! After a quick ceremony in the Annapolis courthouse we walked around town and captured some great photos on the grounds of the State House. Then off to The Narrows for a delicious dinner. Thanks Uncle Ron!!!! Kass Humphreys from For Goodness Cakes took care of our family again with the best cake ever. Looking for a wedding cake? Take my word for it… she’s the best! Reach her at

Ended the day with a spectacular sunset overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

Mega thanks to Ashley from Updosforidos for working their magic as usual.

Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_002 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_003 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_004 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_005 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_006 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_007 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_008 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_009 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_010 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_011 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_012 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_013 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_014 Annapolis Courthouse Wedding_015