Compromise Street Bridge

Comet Pan-STARRS over Spa Creek Annapolis, Maryland

As a father and astronomy enthusiast I desperately wanted to share in this experience with my son… his first comet! After a father-son dinner at our favorite restaurant, Joss Sushi, we traversed over to Eastport Annapolis in hopes of catching a brief glimpse of comet Pan-STARRS. It was very windy and super chilly; almost too chilly to be standing outside for longer than 5 minutes. The wind was playing havoc with my camera and tripod so I knew that my shutter couldn’t be open too long without the dreaded drag. No one likes a blurry picture anyway…especially when you’re trying to capture a comet!

Comet Pan-STARRS played the elusive game again tonight and I thought after one hour of snapping photos that it was a fail (photographically speaking). The clouds were just too prevalent on the horizon in the exact position where our comet was to appear in its evening elliptical toward the sun. After we buttoned up and made our way home I was sad that Jack didn’t get to see the fiery tail but after all, it was a great evening with my son and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

I was granted a special gift when I got home. As I started to look through the photos, comet Pan-STARRS appeared in all it’s glory. For a brief instant, in one exposure I was able to capture it again! I am so thrilled. I really wanted to change the backdrop too and with the boats and Compromise Street Bridge in the foreground, this is a total winning picture. See you in a 100 million years Pan.

Comet PanSTARRS_001


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