Loyola University and Greyrock Mansion Wedding

Jill and I spent Saturday with Annette and Jon celebrating their wedding ceremony at the chapel on Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland with a fabulous reception to follow at the Greyrock Mansion in Pikesville, MD.. Great fall weather allowed the opportunity to do lots of shooting outside on this historical campus. Hair and makeup by none other than the best in the business, Up Do’s for I Do’s and their brother company Beat 2 Beat Djs furnished the mixes. Behind the digital turntable was Dan McGinty… the man! This classy couple even had the Cold Spring Jazz Quartet playing some colorfully classical jazz numbers during cocktail hour (everyone knows I’m a jazz maniac). Check out the website of this first class jazz quartet. Floral arrangements furnished by Sarah Campbell-Angers from Intrigue Design and Decor.

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Richardson Farms Wedding

As you can tell by the number of photos that I posted below… this was one amazing wedding! One of our all time favorites in all the 13 years we have been practicing this profession. From the venue to the bluegrass band to the extreme weather – there were so many variables that made this one for the memory banks. Jeff and Erin were a first class couple ready to roll with the punches. The threat of extreme weather and tornado’s? Who care’s. Nothing is going to stand in the way. Attitude is everything and these folks had some amazing karma. In spite of the crazy weather, we even ended up the day with one of the most amazingly colorful sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. Jill and I were honored to be able to share in this incredible day. There are so many things I loved about this wedding – it would take me paragraphs to list them all. Let me first say that I love barns and wide open spaces. Tie in a dramatic sky and some bluegrass and you have the recipe for a perfect photographic day. This was our first time shooting at the Richardson Farm on the outskirts of Baltimore County in the town of Hydes, MD. I hear they do a limited number of weddings each year; I hope to be back here real soon. Robyn Burke and the catering staff did an amazing job with setting up the barn for the reception to preparing and food. Perfection, it’s that simple. And I’m a bluegrass lover. This was right up my alley. The 19th Street Band were incredible. Meghan the violinist played a beautiful Irish melody as the bride walked down the aisle, then switched to mandolin alongside her husband Caolaidhe on guitar and  Mike on the upright bass to pick out tunes from Michael Jackson to Mumford and Sons! I couldn’t believe my eardrums. These three instruments created more music than some ten piece bands I’ve heard. The energy was contagious and spilled out right onto the dance floor.

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Kim and Del’s extraordinary wedding day.

From Baltimore to Severna Park, we tried dodging the rain drops but no such luck….again! Lately the umbrella has become as essential to my equipment bag as a lens or flash. Met up with Kim at the BWI Westin which by the way is an awesome hotel! Never been there before. Did a little pre-wedding bridal portrait session with Kim and the girls. Lighting was perfect thanks to the overcast. Off to the wedding ceremony at St. Joseph’s Monastery in Baltimore; what a gorgeous church. Makes me proud that I was an alter boy growing up. Sheila, the church coordinator,  said the church was built in the 1930’s; simply amazing! We had some extra time in the sanctuary before the evening mass to creatively light some really dramatic images. Then off to Severna Park’s Chartwell Golf and Country Club for some pre-reception pics on the golf course. Yale Moyer is the nicest lady to work with; we just love her! She had two golf carts ready to roll (with umbrellas and towels) once we arrived so we were able to ride and bounce around in comfort to a couple great locations overlooking the scenic golf course. Well, we did it again,.. overcame the weather and captured more inspiring and timeless images in spite of the rain. Great weekend.

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Valley Country Club, Baltimore Wedding

Finally a dry weekend! After a wet start to the spring wedding season we were blessed with great weather and very comfy temps for Saturday’s wedding at the Valley Country Club in Baltimore, MD. Against a sapphire blue sky, Jessica and Tim released beautiful white doves signifying their new union taking flight. The birds were supplied by two gentlemen from a company called Dove Tales out of Kingsville, MD. How the birds find their way home is amazing. As I look at the pics, I swear the doves were gazing right into the camera lens as they took flight.  After a fun post ceremony photo shoot with the family and bridal party we headed into the mansion for the reception. Hanging out in the mansion lounge was none other than Baltimore Colts living legend Art Donovan. What a nice guy and he seems to be doing pretty darned good for his age. I think they said 86! One of the tastiest treats I tried during the reception was from Kim Rigby of Parfections Handmade Gourmet Chocolates. My favorites were the Cayenne Pepper Truffles and Habanero. Spicy! Really nice treat and they even made up some nice favors for each of the guests at each place setting. That was a really nice touch mom and dad!

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Kelly and Dan – From Annapolis to Baltimore

So glad spring is here.. wedding season! This weekend we started out in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor Sheraton where our bride and girls got all made up wedding style by Jamie from Baltimore Bridal. A quick jump back down to Annapolis for the wedding at St. Andrew’s by the Bay and then back down to the inner harbor for a fun-filled night of food and dance at the Sheraton Hotel…all decked out by Intrigue Design and Decor. We took Kelly and Dan up to Federal Hill for a few shots with the iconic view the famous Baltimore waterfront. Another great weekend of fulfilling my dreams. Click!

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Baltimore Engagement Sitting

Fantastic engagement photo session with Kristen and Mike today. Weather temps eased up despite a little wind but definitely much more bearable considering the last couple months’ crazy cold spell. Baltimore offers up so much variation when it comes to doing outdoor on location engagement images.

Winter wedding in Baltimore at the George Peabody Library

A new year and cold winter weather ushered in the beginning of our wedding season (sort of) at the George Peabody Library in downtown Baltimore, Maryland in the historic district of Mount Vernon. Thanks to my good buddy and photographer Tom Snyder for lending and hand and capturing some great images. Sarah Campbell-Angers of Intrigue Design and Decor really pulled out all the punches on this one and created some really beautiful flowers and designs in the Library for this January wedding. Time for another winter break. Back to my cave and waiting patiently for spring to get here. It couldn’t get here soon enough!

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Sammi’s senior portrait session

Thanks to Facebook I was able to reconnect with an old friend from high school. Turns out she has a gorgeous teenage daughter in need of something a little different with respect to senior portraits. Officially this is my first senior portrait session and I was a little nervous. But after about 5 minutes with this young lady Sammi, I knew it was going to be a total success. With weddings there’s the dress, the bridal party, flowers, jewelry, excitement..  you know.. all the chicanery of a crazy wedding day. Oh, and all the emotion too! However, during a senior portrait session, there’s only you and the client. Getting a young lady to open up her inner most personality I thought was going to be tough but believe it or not, I was remarkably comfortable. I think I might be on to something here; senior portraits! I had a blast. After a couple hours of fun, creative images I couldn’t wait to get back to my computer and see what we created. And boy I was excited! I would say this was a great photo session. I had so much fun and I was even taken back a little to my teenage high school state of mind which was very refreshing. Kind of made me feel young again.. .. or should I say younger. I’m not that old!

Red hot wedding in Charm City

Heather and Jeff’s wedding was banging! Gorgeous girls, handsome fellas, the greatest DJ on the East Coast, and the perfect venue for an October wedding. Today Craig Gormus, Tom Snyder and I hung out and captured some perfectly lit images peppered with a dash of pizzazz.

Heather is beautiful. Plain and simple. A classic beauty. Jeff is dashingly handsome. They did everything I asked without hesitation and without question. The end result can be seen in the pics and slide show. DJ Jason Canaan of Quality Entertainment is simply the best too. THE best sound system I have ever heard anywhere for years. He went the extra mile further and up-lit this enormous room with a splash of blue and red light that completely transformed the venue into an even more magical venue visually. When you hire Jason you don’t just hire a DJ; you guarantee the best experience audibly and visually for everyone invited. It was also great working alongside one of my favorite videographers Matt Buerhaus of Buerhaus Design.

We all knew after seeing the engagement photos that this couple likes to live “outside the box”. I knew the wedding could possibly be one of this year’s best… and it was.

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Tiffany Ben and Sierra’s Engagement shoot

Met up with Ben, Tiffany and the rottie Sierra yesterday for a quick sunset photo shoot in my new secret Baltimore location. Love shooting here. The light is just perfect! Looking forward to their wedding day at the end of this month.

Devin and Scott – Mazel Tov!

Sunday, Jill and I were at the Engineer’s Club in Mt. Vernon Baltimore with Devin and Scott. Plain and simple… phenomenal venue, amazingly generous and gracious family, and one awesome celebration set to the live tunes of Washington Talent’s Onyx (GREAT BAND by the way). Ginny can dance and sing like crazy!!! I thought Alicia Keys was in the house and that’s no joke! Food was off the hook. Our father of the bride, Rick, insisted we take a break and eat with the family. It really warms my heart when the families include us in the celebration. It further connects us with the family and friends and creates a more intimate relationship with the family. The result is worth it; trust me. The Sutton’s and LaFata’s are first class all the way.

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1840s City Lites Wedding for Kara and Scott

This weekend Jill and I were honored to have the opportunity to photograph another Schwenke wedding (hopefully we’ll have one more). Kara and Scott’s wedding was held at the 1840’s Ballroom City Lites. Tied in with the Carrollton Inn and garden, this venue is a spectacular location for any photographer; visually very stimulating. Beat2Beat DJ’s was in the house and Brian did an amazing job. Catering by Hunt Valley Catering of Hunt Valley, MD. The food was extremely delicious! I knew as soon as I arrived the hair and makeup would be spectacular because… you know… Up Do’s for I Do’s was in charge. The girls simply couldn’t look better. All in all a great wedding weekend. Jill and I absolutely love this family and my only wish is they would have had more children.

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Angela and Chris – Walters Art Gallery Wedding

On our way to Baltimore this Saturday, Jill and I were hoping for minimal traffic. Surprise! Flowermart 2010 right out front of the Walters Art Gallery. Oh well… we’ll manage. I mean, if we can get through the Columbus Day marathon, this is going to be a piece of cake for sure. Flowermart proved to add an unexpected element that would make for some once in a lifetime photographic opportunities. How often is there an empty stage with chairs right smack dab in the middle of Charles Street in front of the Washington Monument? Hardly ever. We used it to our advantage for some super cool bridal party pics. The ceremony was held at the chapel on the campus of Loyola University in Baltimore. The church at Loyola is gorgeous. Vaulting ceilings and stained glass everywhere. A little dim with respect to available light but I’m up for any challenge. We rocked it!  Quickly got through the family pics and a super cool “Where’s Waldo” shot of the entire group of family and friends on the steps of the church and we were off to the Walters.

Planning is everything for a venue such as the Walters Art Gallery. As soon as I found out what was required, I immediately asked Craig Gormus (one of my very best friends/colleagues in the world) to assist me in getting my lights set up. It took one hour to chiffon (thanks for the material Sarah), cushion, gaff tape two Elinchroms! The regulations are pretty rigid; some of the most rigid I have ever had to deal with and for good reason. The Walters Art Gallery houses some of the world’s most valuable and rare works of art work in the world. The regulations and any frustration in getting into and setting up at this venue are well worth every minute. This was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever had the honor of photographing. Angela and Chris hired a band called the Mustangs Band from Washington, D.C. and I honestly have to say this was hands down one of the most talented bands I have ever heard. Fabulous musicians! I will definitely recommend them from here on out. Catering was out of this world… none other than Paul Kountz of Chef’s Expressions. Paul and his crew did an outstanding job decorating the main atrium and serving up some unbelievably tasty treats. I got a chance to sample a few bits and it left me wishing I was a guest at this celebration. I could not wait to get back to my office and go through my favorite images to blog about another great wedding for the record books. Angela and Chris were a wonderful couple to work with; very easy-going and as close to a celebrity wedding as I have ever had. Why you may ask? Look at the pics. I will forever refer to them as my Jennifer Aniston / Pierce Brosnan couple!

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